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Quality that exceeds organic turmeric Organic foods are increasingly becoming popular across the world. The word has had influence on the golden root spice – turmeric, as well. To get the best out of turmeric, pure organic turmeric is said to be best. But how can one be sure that it is genuinely organic? Safety of food is paramount today, especially when there are so many food products flooding the marketplace. Turmeric grown using natural farming methods free from chemical interferences is said to have all the medicinal properties intact. Secondly its main health benefitting component curcumin is not lost during the processing stage. Besides, pure turmeric is free from artificial colours and preservatives. If you want to buy quality turmeric, it is important to ensure what you buy is authentic organic turmeric. Turmeric’s component Curcumin has several medicinal benefits Most of us are familiar about turmeric being extensively used in a variety of cuisines. But the goodness of turmeric goes beyond being a food spice. Its key component Curcumin also known as Curcuminoids, has the potential to treat many deadly diseases. Several research reports indicate that antioxidants present in turmeric is effective in destroying cancer causing cells. Ayurveda mentions the three energies in the human body (doshas) namely Vata, Pitta and Kapha all of which must coexist in harmony for a healthy body. Turmeric plays a vital role in balancing these energies. Turmeric is one of the best ways to fight obesity. Since turmeric is rich in anti-inflammatory properties, it reduces the oxidative stress by flushing out toxics accumulated inside the body. The curcumin in turmeric supresses the inflammatory substances in muscle and pancreatic cells. Curcumin’s anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties can provide much needed relief to the nagging pain in the knees. Best ways to include turmeric in your daily routine Apart from spicing up your daily meal of veggies and curries with turmeric, here are some simpler and right methods to take turmeric for best results. Pair turmeric with pepper - Combining turmeric with black pepper enhances the medicinal value as pepper’s component Piperine slows the breakdown of curcumin in the liver and helps in better absorption in the body. Water & lime – Drink a glass of warm water with ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder and 1teaspoon of lime juice, every morning. It helps flush out toxins within the body and also improves metabolism and skin health. Milk & honey – Golden milk also known as Turmeric latte helps promote sleep and is a great remedy for cold, congestion, cough and reduce joint aches and skin problems. Natural inhaler - Heat a teaspoon of turmeric powder on a hot pan. When its fumes are inhaled, it provides relief from congestion caused due to cough and cold. It helps release the mucous from sinus cavity. Heals wounds – The anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties of turmeric boost the wound healing process. A paste of turmeric, ghee or coconut oil can be applied over the bruise, acne or scars. How to pick pure organic turmeric? Turmeric is prone to adulteration, by mixing starch and chalk powder. Synthetic food colours and additives can also be used as turmeric adulterant. Some of the effective ways to check the purity include checking the aroma, pure turmeric will have a mild earthy aroma. Yet another way to check purity is to add a spoon of turmeric into a glass of water for 10 minutes. If the turmeric settles at the bottom, it is pure. Bringing pure quality that surpasses organic turmeric Though natural and organic farming methods might seem similar they are not necessarily same. Traditional natural farming methods avoid chemical- based fertilisers/pesticides and rely on natural bio inputs prepared from indigenous cow dung, cow urine and plant-based ingredients to enrich the soil, prevent pests and ensure healthy growth of plants. Some food companies like Nature’s Box, committed to adopt sustainable agricultural practices go beyond organic farming methods to grow and deliver pure and natural turmeric with its integrity intact. What makes Nature’s Box turmeric so special? Nature’s Box adopts natural farming techniques, inspired from Subhash Palekar Natural Farming methods. Utmost care is taken right from quality seeding to using desi cow-based manure to enrich the soil, prevent pests. This contributes to healthy crop growth yielding medicinally rich and nutrient- dense produce. The signature products from Nature’s Box, namely Yellowraw Ultima and Yellowraw Premium are distinct type of medicinally rich turmeric powders. Yellowraw Ultima is the indigenous Lakadong turmeric which is high in demand for its highest curcumin (8- 10%), medicinal and culinary uses. Yellowraw Premium is a blend of finest varieties of turmeric known to be therapeutically rich with intense colour, flavour and aroma. Turmeric is a kitchen ingredient that is on the top of grocery list of every household. Maximum health benefits are ensured only when you use pure turmeric naturally grown without chemical interferences.

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