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Who we are

  • A Business Listing Website in INDIA or say a platform for business, professionals, enterprise, industries, agencies and firms to promote their brand name locally as well as all over WORLD.

  • A Digital Marketing Platform for SMALL ~ MEDIUM ~ LARGE scaled business, enterprise, industries, agencies and firms to connect with existing and new customers / consumers.

  • A Search Platform for the PEOPLE to find providers of their requirements, day ~ to ~ day needs with no hassle and in no or very less time.

  • We can be termed as a Business Listing Site in INDIA or in other words you can say it an Online Business Directory.

Business Listing Site in INDIA

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KaroSearch's 55.34% registration source comes via Google Search

This happens because of On Page SEO
We can help you on this same process for your BUSINESS / PROFESSION page

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  • 55.34%


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  • 100%


Why the Karo Search is one of the Best Business listing sites in India?

Karo Search is a Free Business Directory in India and is among the most rapidly growing Local Search Engines. It lets you have a free listing of business in its Indian Business Directory.

Karo Search offers various advantages of listing your business the most beneficial ones are listed below:

Improve the Business's Availability

Online business directories like Karo Search are one of the first places today's buyers look when they need to find a supplier/partner/provider or product. Karo Search maximises your visibility with business or buyers by providing a FREE business directory which increases your opportunities to get approached by potential buyers via the business listings through Karo Search.

Get targeted customers

We all know that nowadays, buyers are more cautious when engaging with businesses online. According to studies, it's observed that customers are looking up reviews regularly on Business directories before making a purchasing decision. In this case, Karo Serach helps you identify buyers that are in your area and allows users to receive feedback on reviews for businesses.

Enhance the Business Reputation

The web has had a huge impact on the visibility of new businesses in the current situation. Buyers today are extra preoccupied when they meet companies or vendors on the internet. This is the reason directories for business listings on the internet are extremely useful and Karo Search is back to protect you.

Increase the SEO of your business

Our Business directory will help your business and you to boost your rankings on search engines by using SEO. We provide backlinks to your website and that is the largest SEO benefit that a new listing in our business listing directory.

Promote Your Company in India

After you have added your business to the directory and registering your business, you will receive an opportunity to showcase your business for free to clients. In addition, you're receiving the chance to display your business on the top listings pages in your particular category with advertising and promotion.

Certified Listing in Directory

After having your business listed with us on the top business directory, you are able to request verification. We verify your business using a manual process , which includes confirming the authenticity of your documents, as well as other things. Then, your listing page will have a verified badge which provides more value to your clients and your company.

Benefits you receive




  • AND MOST IMPORTANT SUBMISSION IS ALMOST FREE. Means it will always be a WIN WIN situation because even if you get only 1 lead, then that also is a profit to your BUSINESS or PROFESSION. Right or Not ?

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Free Business Listing Sites in India | Karo Search

A Business Listing Website or say a platform for business, professionals, enterprise, industries, agencies and firms to promote their brand name all over WORLD.

It is a superlative initiative and a platform for you ( the people ) to find near by business, things, locations, products, places, services, address, contact numbers etc. quickly and in a very efficient, clean and clutter free way ...

So ! What are you waiting for ? Have a try, Just ...

Type business or profession name to search for and we will assist you then'in finding you the right & exact match ...

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