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5 Excellent Survival Strategies to Adopt When Studying Abroad

5 excellent survival strategies to adopt when studying abroad

Studying overseas presents many opportunities. Ranging from exposure, and professional networking to skill development, there is a lot that anyone can achieve when studying abroad. However, as much as studying in a foreign country offers considerable career opportunities, it comes with its own challenges.

Individuals who choose to study in foreign countries battle a range of hardships that at times force them back to their home countries before completing their education. Some experience cultural shock, weather challenges, and homesickness. Financial difficulties are also another dilemma that students deal with, especially those that are off student scholarships or student travel insurance.

With the fact that more and more students are finding studying abroad more attractive and challenging at the same time, we would love to offer a few tips. These tips can help students handle their education productively and more enjoyable. They will certainly help you develop the stamina to live in a foreign country and study with less stress. So, which are the ways?

5 Excellent Survival Strategies to Adopt When Studying Abroad

1. Learn the Language Basics

Communication is key to living a relatively comfortable life in a new country. Certainly, it’s fundamental to survival. Being able to communicate with those around you can smoothen the immediate experiences in a foreign country.

Learning the basics of a language before entering a new country can help students familiarize themselves with simple terms that can simplify survival. They generally help one access transport facilities, food, and accommodation. Besides that, they can help students feel more comfortable within their classes and college campuses.

There are 7 C’s of communication that defines the effective translation of a message. Some of them include clarity, courtesy, correctness, and consideration. As a foreigner, you may not be able to able to communicate thoroughly in a given language but courtesy and clarity will cultivate formidable grounds for interactions.

This not only helps students fit in but also allows them to feel at ease. As a student, endeavor to learn a few basics of the foreign language before entering that country. On the other hand, English is the most used language globally, and improving your English skills can help you communicate better in most foreign countries.

2. Build Constructive Relationships

If you are used to being around loved ones and friends, starting an independent life can prove challenging. Homesickness can set in and you might find it difficult to take care of yourself physically and health-wise. There are so many times when students who embark on independent living miss meals and become sick due to several factors.

With that, it’s essential to maintain proper communication with your loved ones back home while starting a new life. Talking to your loved ones back home will reduce the feeling of loneliness and will help you obtain the support you require.

On the other hand, try to build constructive relationships. These are precisely good people you can relate to and guide you through the immediate experiences of your new life. Starting a new life in a foreign country will surely make you feel displaced and at times, students develop depressive symptoms.

Therefore, as time goes on, try to create friends and certainly those that can offer constructive advice and support. This has helped many students settle in foreign countries with ease.

3. Get a Roommate

One of the major challenges that students face when studying abroad is financial issues. Students are prone to a range of financial difficulties when studying in a foreign country. Apart from the exorbitant fees, students must meet their transportation, accommodation, and library fees among others.

There is also a need to support individual lifestyles yet all these realities require money. If a student isn’t on a scholarship or entitled to allowance fees, life can become stressful. One can also become academically stressed which can lead to poor performance. Therefore, one of the possible ways to deal with financial woes is by sharing an apartment.

This will create a possibility of splitting the rent fees between roommates and it will reduce accommodation costs. Another way is to opt for university hostels and buses. If found cheaper, these are possible alternatives to the expensive private transportation and accommodation.

However, ensure to get all the necessary information about student loans and grants while applying for a study visa in Australia, the US, or the UK.

4. Stay Positive

Although it is a wonderful experience, studying abroad can take a toll on students. If it’s not financial challenges, the influence of bad friends, or loneliness, many international students fail to take good care of themselves. That can be due to poor living tactics, or money mismanagement.

On the other hand, homesickness, weather conditions, and cultural shock can affect a student psychologically. Therefore, one of the best survival strategies to adopt is intentional living. A positive attitude offers a mentality that challenges are part of life and they are just seasonal.

Also, one can know that challenges can also become a foundation for skill and personal development. With the fact, a student is far away from home and caretakers, studying abroad can instill a sense of responsibility in a student.

This can help one develop mentally, emotionally, and psychologically. Therefore, one of the immediate approaches to surviving in a foreign country is adopting a positive attitude.

5. Get Hired

Yes! Higher or professional education offers a chance for students to study while working or running a business. In fact, most international universities create curriculums in a way that allows students to have time to handle their personal matters.

Therefore, take the chance to apply for a part-time job in order to earn extra money or to develop professional skills. Depending on a student’s interests, paid part-time jobs can pave the way to living a comfortable life. Whether it’s online or on-premise jobs like record keeping, web designing, and social media marketing among others, all these can help students earn more and adopt a better lifestyle. 


Being an international student can come with unimaginable benefits, however, challenges are also part of the story. That’s especially in the first two years. However, there is certainly a range of reliable strategies that students can adopt to enjoy their overseas experiences. Adopt a few of them detailed in this piece if you’re an international student to help you study and live comfortably. 

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