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5 Qualities That Prove Your Caterer in Kolkata Will Go the Extra Mile

5 qualities that prove your caterer in kolkata will go the extra mile

Contrary to popular belief, the Indian catering industry is not well-regulated. Yes, the best caterers in Kolkata do have decades of experience and many awards to match that experience. But that doesn’t mean the industry does not attract or harbor fakers. 

Anyone can enter this industry and advertise themselves as an experienced caterer. To ensure you don’t fall for such lies the next time you pay grand fees for the best catering services in Kolkata, you’ll need to take multiple precautions.

You’ll need to ensure that your caterer in Kolkata is legit, worth the money you’re spending, and willing to go the extra mile to make your event a success. Here are five qualities that set apart the best Bengali caterers in Kolkata from the fakers. Look out for these qualities anytime you interview a caterer in Kolkata

  1. Food Safety Measures

The best Bengali caterers in Kolkata follow strict food safety regulations. From food handling and storage to cooking and serving- every action these pros take is regulated to maximize safety, cleanliness, and sanitation. 

The next time you hire a caterer, ask them about their food safety measures. Seek guarantees regarding ingredient quality, food safety, and cleanliness. 

  1. Menu Customization

One of the key perks of paying premium fees for the best catering services in Kolkata is that clients get to create customized menus. If your caterer is not allowing you to tailor your upcoming event’s menu as per your specific needs and preferences, avoid them. You’ll easily find caterers who do the opposite and deliver customized culinary experiences.

  1. Logistical Assistance

Is it unreasonable to ask your caterers to help you plan and execute the logistics of your upcoming event? Absolutely not! The best caterers in Kolkata work closely with vendors every day. From setting up the dining areas to post-event cleaning- the top caterers are flexible enough to handle any logistics-related matters that may arise during an event.

  1. Vegetarian Services

If you want your menu to be 50% vegetarian-friendly, that’s exactly what your catering company should deliver. The company should also prepare dishes that are satisfying to meat lovers. But they should do the same for your vegetarian guests and prepare appetizing, 100% veg meals.

  1. CrisisManagement 

There’s a high chance that your event will not go the way it should. Be it rainfall or power loss, there are many unforeseen events that will likely disrupt your plans. A great caterer in Kolkata will be your best ally in such situations. 

They’ll provide shelter to guests and staff, help clean up any mess, communicate with guests, provide them with updates, and implement plans to quickly restore the event. If your caterer can’t provide such value-added benefits along with their standard services, they’re suited for the job.

At Black Diamond Caterer, we don’t only serve delicious food, we help our clients host their events in a safe and efficient manner. Yes, we do personalize our menus, help clients with logistics, and meet their dietary needs in every way possible. But, that’s not what sets us apart from our competitors. What sets us apart is our commitment to going the extra mile when things go wrong.

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