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8 Best Website Visitor Tracking Tools You Can Use

8 best website visitor tracking tools you can use

When using web analytics tools, the first thing that is typically tracked on a website or app is traffic. Traffic metrics can provide information about the number of visitors to your website. It will tell you how they found you and how long they spend looking through your pages. It will also tell you how frequently they become paying customers.

Website visitor tracking tools track, measure, and report website activity. With the help of website visitor tracking tools, you can see what is happening on your website. Then you can figure out what is (and isn't) working. With this, you can easily make adjustments for better UX and business objectives.

Top 8 Website Visitor Tracking Tools

  • Mixpanel

Amir Movafaghi, the CEO of Mixpanel, offers self-serve product analytics. It tracks user activity on mobile and web applications. Afterward, it produces tailored reports based on the information gathered. You can build funnels, create cohorts, and segment data. With this, you can see which user categories engage and retain users the best. A team dashboard provided by Mixpanel enables an entire organization to work together and share the same data. 

  • Outfunnel

Connecting sales and marketing data is the core concept behind Outfunnel. Their website tracking feature was developed to integrate with CRMs. Outfunnel’s website visitor tracking tools can also help you to track the contacts visiting your website. Then you can record their visits, along with important information about the web sessions, in your CRM.

Your salespeople can target leads at the peak of their receptivity by taking advantage of the web visits that are recorded in the CRM. You can also use Outfunnel's lead scoring. It generates automated scores by factoring in web visits and other marketing activities.

Salespeople will find it simpler to prioritize leads as a result.

  • Kissmetrics

The behavioral analytics platform Kissmetrics was founded in 2008 by Hiten Shah and Khiladi Poswal in San Francisco. You can use this person-based analytics tool to improve a SaaS product or an online store. Kissmetrics for SaaS produces reports on crucial activities for product teams. It includes new trial starts, subscriptions, churns, monthly recurring revenue, and much more. Microsoft, Carvana, Lucidchart, SendGrid, Unbounce, and Carvana use kissmetrices. 

  • Google analytics

The most well-known website analytics tool, Google Analytics, was introduced in 2005. Typically, marketers use it as an additional source of information. Google Analytics keeps track of conversions, bounce rates, traffic sources, etc.

You won't find information about the clicks, scrolls, or hovers that users made on various pages here. Google Analytics offers broad statistics on user traffic. You can find out how people arrive at your website. It will also tell you which pages are the most popular or which user groups are most frequent.

  • Sales panel

An Indian business called Salespanel is based in Pune, Maharashtra. For B2B, marketing and sales teams provide a platform for website analytics. This software recognizes visitors to websites. It then monitors their behavior and collects leads coming from various channels. It guarantees a single customer view to coordinate the efforts of sales representatives and marketers. Lead analytics and management are key areas of emphasis for Salespanel. When prospects are prepared to convert, it notifies your sales team. It also runs lead tracking and identifies qualified bespoke website design agency visitors for lead generation.

  • Hitsteps

For online businesses of all sizes, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia-based Hitsteps offers website analytics. This platform, which Armin Nikdel founded, combines live chats and real-time visitor management. To find out how each visitor navigates the pages, you can follow their steps. Hitsteps also gives you the ability to communicate with leads while they are still on your website. It's a special chance to interact with people. Moreover, you can also respond to their inquiries or sell them something. Hitsteps supports a dashboard with live reports, browser usage statistics, and heatmaps. It also supports a page speed meter and profiling.

  • SimilarWeb

Or Offer established the Israeli company SimilarWeb in 2007. This overview differs slightly from other solutions. A platform called SimilarWeb tracks the overall volume of visitors to various websites in a given market. To learn how people, use the internet, you can view rankings for the top websites, mobile apps, Android and iOS, etc. 

This strategy gives you the big picture but does not provide a detailed look at user activity. To analyze the market and create a strategy that will help you outperform others. Find out the top traffic sources used by competitors and use them to your benefit.

  • Web-Stat

Among all the website visitor tracking tools this offers a variety of traffic statistics. With live analytics, you can see how users are currently interacting with the website. Additionally, it gathers data on specific visitors. It also tracks metrics such as bounce rates, referrals, conversions, and time spent on the website. You can choose from 46 traffic reports with Web-Stat to suit your needs. Web-Stat is employed by AnaSpec, Homestead Technologies, and Mistral Solutions.


There are numerous Website Visitor Tracking Tools available to businesses. Every customer activity can be tracked, or you can make use of general statistics. The proper tool will streamline the research process. It will also produce in-the-moment insights. This will help you maximize your business successes.

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