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Buy the Pre-built Gojek Clone App And Start Your On-Demand Business

buy the pre-built gojek clone app and start your on-demand business

Many entrepreneurs work day in and day out to establish a business. They invest all their heart, money, and time into designing a plan for successful business development. Well, in between all the chores and responsibilities, they fail to look beyond the traditional business development method! Entrepreneurs now have the Gojek Clone App!

The clone of the original Indonesia Gojek App is the gateway to quickly establishing a multi-service business and easy money-making. Moreover, you as the entrepreneur, need only a handful of investment amount and one week!

Sound surprising? Let’s elaborate on a few cardinal reasons why you should choose this pre-built app!


Why Choose a Gojek Clone App?

The entrepreneur needs to choose the on-demand multi-service Gojek Clone app because of these five reasons.

Have a look!

Low Investment

Developing and launching a multi-service app like Gojek requires you to invest only a small sum because the solution is ‘pre-built’!

Such a ready-made solution omits the need to design the UI/UX of the app from scratch, code everything, and run it through beta and marketing tests!

The Gojek Clone App is a pre-built solution and you as the app owner, will only need to purchase it. The overall cost of a clone app script package will be lower than building it from scratch!

Smooth Profit-earning

Profit-earning is smooth with this multi-service app.

How? Well, before you start with the app development process, you will have to choose the business model you’d want to follow.

In this app, you get the option to either choose the commission-based model or the Membership Subscription Plan. Both are designed to generate profits for the business but with different mechanisms.

Under the commission model, the entrepreneur earns a certain percentage of the service provider’s income from each and every booking. The percentage is referred to as the commission rate that’s determined by you, the app owner! Say, you’ll earn 10% from every taxi ride, a 15% commission from every massage service booking via the app, etc.

On the other hand, the Gojek Clone App also has the Membership Subscription Plan which is purchased by the service provider. Thus, for every plan purchase, renewal, or upgrade, the entrepreneur will earn money.

Furthermore, every plan is curated by the app owner itself, therefore, they have control to decide the price, its benefits to providers, and even the time validity!

Quick Development Process

As already mentioned, this multi-service app is a ready-made solution! Thus, there is no need to develop the app from scratch!

Once you purchase the app, the experts white-label it with your brand’s name and logo, the color theme of your choice or one that matches the logo, and much more!

You get this completely unique app within a week whereas, if you develop it from the ground up, you’d have to spend 5 - 6 years just to launch it in the market!

Captures Multiple Industries

With this on-demand app, you will be able to offer 101+ services to your customers.

This indicates that not only you’ll be offering multiple services but also capturing different industries in your region. You’ll be competing straight with the companies that offer similar services in those industries!

The Gojek Clone App offers services like online taxi booking, ordering food, hiring a professional personal shopper, sending parcels, and much more. 

Facilitates Easy Business Expansion

It is possible to easily expand the business with this on-demand app!

Anytime in the future, if you wish to expand the business, you can easily:

  • Integrate the languages and currencies of those regions.
  • Also, integrate the SMS and payment gateways.

These components will help you to offer locals easy and secure payment methods along with the facility to browse through the app in their own language!

In Conclusion:

Launch the Gojek Clone App in only one week!  

It’s possible to start your own multi-service business with this app in the shortest time! Get the ready-made app and white-label it.

Easily launch the multi-service app in iOS & Android App Stores and start earning money from day one!


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