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Different Types of Wedding Sarees In India

different types of wedding sarees in india

A wedding of your own or be it of someone you know or is related to you is always special, this wedding occasion has a series of rituals and parties, which needs a wardrobe full of these amazing sarees. Events like weddings give us a platform to flaunt our beauty and grace to the world out there. 

But when said, creating a wardrobe from scratch can get you a headache, and this goes for every woman, be it a bride, bridesmaid, or guest at a wedding. Ask any fashion influencer they’ll recommend you a saree for almost every occasion. Among every other traditional outfit like lehengas, Anarkali suits, shararas, and other such, sarees are always the most loved and exquisite outfit.

You’ll find hundreds of choices when going out to buy this long six-yard saree. You’ll find every state of India has its own way of wearing and styling a saree.

1. Panetar sarees

One of the exclusive sarees one can own at weddings is Panetar. This is the traditional wedding wear of the Gujarati community. As per the ritual of Gujarati weddings the maternal uncle of the bride gift her one of these sarees. These sarees are found in red and white combinations many times with heavy gold embroidery and motifs on pure luxurious silk.

A panetar art is a unique form of art. You’ll find deep red color on the border of Panetar sarees, while most of the time you’ll find the body of the sarees in white or off-white tone. These Wholesale sarees come in golden weaves embellished with handwork embroideries like zardozi, stone, and such. This pattern is done throughout the border of this sari. The patola weaves of this panetar sarees make this a saree for heirlooms.

With their unique charm, you’ll find these panetar sarees worn by women all across India. Every Gujarati bride is seen in this saree, the non-Gujarati bride may not wear this but she happily adds this to her trousseau.

2. Kanjivaram sarees

Whenever the talk of the north’s banarasi saree is done, the south’s famous Kanchipuram sarees also known as kanjivaram or kanjeevaram sarees. These sarees are traditionally woven in the Kancheepuram region of Tamil Nadu.

These sarees are woven on pure mulberry silk and are embroidered with metallic or jewelry colors of gold and copper. The weavers of these traditional kanjeevaram sarees are known as Kanchi weavers. These kanjeevaram sarees are mostly found in bridal wardrobes as they are well known for intricate designs, and broad and vivid borders, made with high-quality and luxurious fabrics.

3. Banarasi sarees

One of the most favorite wedding sarees is Banarasi sarees, they are like those hot selling cakes from your favorite bakery. This banarasi saree is eternal and a rich appearing sarees for whoever is wearing it.  You’ll find this brocade banarasi artwork not only on sarees but on lehengas, salwars suits, Kurtis, and nowadays even jewelry made of brocade is quite trendy.

4. Paithani sarees

A traditional wedding attire of Maharashtrian brides, paithan a small town of Aurangabad, Maharashtra is a den of many beautiful luxurious handmade silk sarees. With oblique square designs of colorful and vivid borders, these sarees are made with many intricate details.

Pattan, say paithani sarees, have minute patterns of birds, florals, fauna, and many others. The weavers of such sarees also weave designs of Ajanta caves and Buddhist paintings of zari work to make paithani sarees different from other sarees.

Paithani sarees have kaleidoscopic effects which make these sarees more luxurious appeal, making them a great kind of heirloom for the Maharashtrian community.

5. Gharchola sarees

Gharchola sarees are famous wedding sarees from Gujarat and the western parts of Rajasthan. You’ll find many brides wearing GharChola sarees along with panetar on their D-day. These sarees are a gift from the groom’s family to the bride. These sarees are always in those sacred colors of red and green and are rich in fabric. You’ll find these sarees depicting the rich culture of India with beautiful motifs created from ancient Indian art and sculptures of birds and animals and florals too.

With base silk fabric, this banarasi saree is lightweight and of amazing quality. These sarees always have grid patterns on the saree body, they may or may not look like bandhani. The ornate pallu of Ghar Chola makes it perfect for weaning in seedha pallu style.

6. Contemporary sarees (Net sarees, Designer sarees)

With changing fashion and choices of people, over the years the wedding attires of Indian brides have changed their preferences too. You’ll find many brides wearing contemporary bridal sarees instead of ancient traditional sarees.

NET SAREES-  these sarees are one of the most loved trendy sarees. Net is the base fabric which is a light and adaptable saree with versatile embellishments and it is easily dyed in every color making it a fantastic choice for bridal wedding wear. The brides who wish for modern attire for their wedding attire chose net sarees. Net is also blended with materials like silk, satin, and georgette to illustrate amazing effects.

LEHENGA SAREES - Another trendy Indian bridal saree is the lehenga sarees. The saree has a pleat section and Kallis which are weaved together with a lehenga to give it the effect of a pleated lehenga. This is a mesmerizing form of saree worn by many brides these days. The best part is they are easy to drape and carry.

7. Pure silk Mysore sarees

Purity, resilience, and elegance are what pure silk sarees are. Silk sarees like Mysore silk, Bangalore silk, handloom silk, tussar, and even raw silk, when weaved by skilled weaver into patola sarees of Rajkot, Sambalpuri from Odisha, pattu from Tamil Nadu and save also known as white and gold saree from Kerala, are many kinds of wedding sarees preferred by brides. You’ll find these sarees in intricate designs, brocade designs in golden or copper border and pallu, and comes in tones that are jewel colors or deeper tones

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