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Date posted 15-Sep-21
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How Virtual Reality (VR) Disrupting the Furniture Business World?

how virtual reality (vr) disrupting the furniture business world?


Over the past decade, emerging technologies have completely changed our lives in an unimaginable way. From computer desktops to iPhones, from listening to music live over the internet to watching movies online and from chatting to video calls, mobile phones and these crazy gadgets have grabbed immense popularity. The way we interact with people and the working efficiency has completely evolved and had a strong impact on every sphere of life, even in the strategy of many businesses and industries.

Talking about E-commerce industries, the consumers are switching to shop online through either website or app rather than going to brick and mortar shops. Especially the youth age group who are more into online shopping. Not only the small and basic necessities, but the furniture, which is considered as a huge investment, is ruling in the world of technology. This expression of feeling the aesthetics and comfort over the screens has added functional and attractive value to the furniture shopping experience of the customers.

One of the most widespread technologies that have a huge impact on the future of the furniture industry and revolutionized it entirely is Virtual Reality (VR) technology. It is the feature of experiencing the comfort and feel of every quality of the furniture virtually. Before diving into why and how it deals? Let’s throw some light on the definition of VR technology.

Throwing Some Light On VR Technology

Since Pokemon’s Go launch in 2016, many businesses have shifted their focus to apps and sites that assist the customers virtually in their purchasing decisions. Till now, they have come a long way. Virtual Reality (VR) is a technological advancement designed for creating an alternative world of furniture where customers can experience a 360-degree view of the product online.

It has the potential to feel the product virtually and know the exact dimensions and volume, hence, selecting the perfect one that blends in the home’s style. The customers just have to walk into the store and appreciate the manufacturing, colors, size, shape etc. Currently, many furniture online brands are using this technology to engage their customers efficiently while optimizing their marketing efforts.

Innovative Uses of Virtual Reality Technology

1) Travel and Tourism- Now, we can travel to our favorite locations virtually without any tickets. Many tourism companies have adopted this technology to grab the attention of the customers and enable them to check the venues and nearby restaurants by just sitting on a chair at home. 

2) Entertainment- Users can enter the racing or a cricket game while sitting on the sofa and without moving physically. It is just because of the use of virtual reality game sessions.

3) Education- In classrooms, the students can learn creatively and in an easy manner that helps to better retain the knowledge.

4) Architecture- Through VR, architects better envisage space availability and make it more presentable to clients.

5) Culture/ Art- Many museums or cultural spots offer VR visits to understand the rich history of the work.

How has VR changed the shopping trends of furniture?

Check out the compiled list of the profound change in the shopping trends of furniture by the customers-

360-degree preview of the furniture 

This is one of the most attractive benefits of VR technology in the furniture industry. It allows the 360-degree simulations to the user so that they can check the furniture appropriately fits into their choice and style. Thus, this enables the user to determine the minor details of the furniture precisely and very carefully.

Testing the color changes and designs

How about purchasing the sofa of blue fabric, but when you place it in your living room, it doesn’t look nice. Of course, it doesn’t sound good! There comes the role of virtual reality, which equips the customers to check the colors and designs aptly. Thus, previewing them reduces the risk of mistakes and wrong investment.

Learn the size and compatibility easily

Often, consumers buy products that go too big or small as compared to the available space. Or even but too many furnishings and a wrong color that sometimes dim the sources of light. For all these things, virtual reality technology helps to make the right decision for fitting in overall aesthetics.

Engagement In-stores

Most of the shoppers look about the flexibility in shopping, prices and the correct product information and many more. Hence, virtual reality ace up the overall game, which increases the engagement of customers to the stores.

Reasons to Choose Virtual Reality Technology in Furniture Industry?

Do the above benefits of using VR in the furniture industry impress you? Check out the reasons of usage mentioned below: -

Increases the Brand Trust

A comprehensive page that showcases the detailed product descriptions includes the materials, dimensions and styling guide, which increases the trust and reliability factors in front of the users. Hence, this will overall impact brand trustability.

Optimizes the Marketing Efforts

When the application or website is used to promote everything, then why need additional costs of marketing the furniture products or accessories? Here, digital marketing plays a crucial role but overall optimizes the efforts too. Moreover, for tenants and homeowners, there is a much higher chance that their purchased products are functional and value for money to them.

More efficient use of Time and Space

Traditionally, we took the recommendations first and went to every local store in the bustling and overcrowded traffic. After looking out several options, we ordered and then after few days, we saw the product quality and its beauty. Thanks to VR technology, which reduces the overall time and also increases the purchasing efficiency, which makes the best use of the available space.

Summing Up!

Making Home Decor interiors alluring is entirely a subjective task and the decision of purchasing a piece of new furniture depends on the dimensions, aesthetics, functionality, comfort, material and overall specifications of the products. Therefore, VR technology is the game-changer that has built more confidence and trust in the customers to shop online. Highly advanced companies are ahead of the curve and using this technology to the fullest and exploring more into this to revolutionize the technology.

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