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Motivational Packaging of Food that can change your Mind

motivational packaging of food that can change your mind

It is common saying that all that glitters can not  be gold. But sometimes all that matters is the glitter. Nonetheless, what use is gold if it does not glitter? Similarly, having a high quality food product (or any other) is essential but presenting it in a wholesome way is no less important. Though it is not a good idea to offer a low quality product in elegant packaging, neither is one to offer an elegant product in cheap packaging. In these days when there’s an ever increasing competition on every little detail in which you present your product, this problem has become a big challenge for businesses. In addition to being aesthetically presentable and eye-catching, it has also become the need of the hour that they should be eco-friendly, because as the environmental crisis is being increased day by day, the public is also growing more and more conscious in this regard. Moreover, feasibility and efficiency are also two major things to be taken into account. Feasibility means that the packaging should not be much expensive and be cost effective, while efficiency signifies that it should accommodate more of the material within less proportion. So in this article we are going to feature some of the most amazing and motivational food packaging ideas:

Bakery Sweets Packaging

Graceful sweet packaging is the idea that will attract consumers’ attention and people will buy sweets for the sake of the packaging. Especially when it contains separate sections for various sweets so that they don’t get mixed up. It is gonna look no less than a gift pack and thanks to its encasing design, it could be used afterwards in households for other domestic purposes, hence making it recyclable and so environment friendly.

Comprehensive Beverage Packaging

This To Go burger packaging is an excellent example of innovation, creativity and convenience. Instead of making a different packaging for each product, here you have a single pack which does the same function, but consumes less paper, less space,hence producing less waste and above all it reduces the transportation cost. It is most suitable for the fast-food industry as well as its customers. You can take everything including fries, catchup, burger and the beverage together in a single package.

Efficient Fruit Packaging

This fruit packaging makes it way easier to carry fruits home. You no longer need shopping bags which always carry the risk of being ripped or bumping into something. Moreover, its innovative approach will attract more customers, who will be willing to buy for its aesthetic appeal.

To Go Fries Carton

This inventive packaging that is gonna be unveiled here for fries and chicken wings is one of the most striking one. You’ll have one pack in which you can carry everything including chicken wings, fries ,catchup and what not. It is much more effective than the conventional french fries trays where all the time you run the risk of falling off everything. It has two sections for safe storage and there is a clip-on unit to save a portion of chicken wings in case you feel the need.

Sliced up Pizza with Paper Plates

Pizza is one food item that is loved by almost all of us except maybe for the vegans. But I can tell you if you ask vegans what they miss most, nine out of ten will answer pizza. However, making pizzas at home could be a really tiresome job. That’s why pizza is one of the most commonly used takeaway food articles. But even after ordering it, you have the whole task of cutting it in slices and presenting it in separate plates which afterwards need to be washed. So the packaging that has separate sections for each slice makes it easier to eat pizza and each section can be presented in those paper plates separately that excludes the discomfort of using separate plates to serve pizza.

See through Cookie Boxes

The see-through cookie boxes are perfect to attract customers to your product. Though a bit costly, it provides the customers an opportunity to see the product to assess its quality, appearance and crispness. The customers will be more than happy to see through these transparent cookie boxes.

Custom Donut Boxes

Donuts are the dessert equally liked by children and adults.They hold separate places in consumers’ hearts. However , it is necessary to pack them in attractive and delicate packaging. High quality printing of attractive and catchy donut pictures and important details written in beautiful fonts on custom donut boxes increase its demand. Shape of the custom donut boxes can be varied too and so the size to make them available for any number of donuts serving from single person to whole families.
Another option for custom donut boxes is making the front of the boxes transparent with plastic sheets so the donut can be seen from outside the custom donut box.
As donuts are not very expensive dessert, the custom donut boxes must be cheap.So more attention should be paid on attractive printing and coating of the custom donut boxes rather than using a high quality card for packaging that makes it expensive as well as heavy! Packaging being heavier than the product inside seems to be nothing more than a prank!

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