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Date posted 17-Jul-21
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Social Media A Wonder Connecting Millions Of People

social media  a wonder connecting millions of people

Social Media applications have become the need of an hour. Among all those activities that we perform daily, social media is one such activity that people never miss. If you have an account on applications like Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, Connectd, and others, you must have noticed millions of users visit these applications daily for a different purpose. After all, a mobile phone and an internet connection are all a 4 person needs to create his account and use these applications.

As we proceed further, it becomes important for us to know that apart from all other things, social media applications are helping people all over the world to connect with each other.  Indian Social Media applications and other social media applications have become important in our lives that impact our day-to-day actions. It affects our lifestyle and the way we perform different actions.

If you can imagine, try to think of those days when people did not have any internet or mobile phones. They had to wait for years to talk to their relatives or friends living abroad. Forget about talking, many people never got a chance to talk to their relatives and friends living at some other place. For students, getting information on different topics was a troublesome task as they had to read every record to find useful information.

Most importantly, if we talk about companies, they had to rely completely on the print media and radio channels to promote their products and services. However, let us understand how the advent of technology changed the way people used to perform these tasks in the past era.

Though technology has given us so many things, Social Media will remain its best creation forever. Social Media applications work as a medium that connects people from all over the world. These applications have given a platform for all the people to connect despite demographic differences.

With these features, social media applications allow people to socialize with each other and share their emotions without any limitation. Socializing has always been an important building block of strong mental health. If you do not socialize with people often, it would only result in depression or anxiety that might haunt you for life.

You might across people who suffer from depression or anxiety. While some of these people suffer from these problems because of personal reasons, most of them face these problems because they are not able to socialize with others. Either they live in a place far from the crowd or are too shy to face strangers. However, social media applications have made it easy for all people to socialize with their friends and even with strangers.

All you need to do is create an account on any of these applications. You can be friends with strangers who share the same interests as yours. Though everything is beautiful about social media, the only drawback we found is the scammers available on these platforms. However, as far as you are alert, you can enjoy the amazing benefits these applications have. 

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