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Date posted 6-Dec-22
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The Different Types of Construction Equipment Required at Events

the different types of construction equipment required at events

Festivals and events may be on hold at the moment due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but sooner rather than later they will be back up and running to offer us all the entertainment that we know and love. Setting up for a large public event has several complex layers.

 In many cases, it requires completely constructing a suitable event space. For instance, festivals are usually held outdoors in a field that is completely empty until work begins on preparing for the event. In any scenario that involves construction work, health and safety are a priority. By using a range of equipment and techniques, you can ensure that the event is safe while achieving the objectives and high standards that are expected of the event.

Intelligent Scaffolding is a specialist scaffolding company in Brisbane that covers the whole of the UK, with a key focus on providing scaffolding services in Manchester and Liverpool. Intelligent Scaffolding has kindly provided us with an insightful article that details some of the types of construction equipment that may be required when setting up at a festival or other event.

Scaffolding Systems

At Intelligent Scaffolding, it should go without saying that one of our primary services when supporting an event relates to scaffolding. In many ways, this is the prestressing wedges of any construction project. Scaffolding systems are imperative in getting the task accomplished.

 A scaffolding system comprises many different types of equipment, including scaffolding tubes and towers, scaffolding boards, and suitable clamps, nails, and fittings to keep the scaffolding secured. There are many different reasons why scaffolding may be required.

 Scaffolding is essentially the key component that keeps a temporary structure together. In the example of a music concert, it may be used to construct a stage that can then be taken down once the concert has finished. It can also be used to assist with preparation work.

For instance, scaffolding is often used to aid in the transportation of materials and personnel and is a safe option when workers are required to work at height for a sustained period of time.

Safety Netting

We’ve already briefly mentioned the importance of health and safety in the construction industry, and this next piece of equipment is vital in achieving that. Without safety netting, construction projects may be hampered by various hazards. Safety netting is a strong and durable material that has several roles.

 If personnel is required to work at height via scaffolding platforms, then safety netting can prevent them from accidentally falling and injuring themselves. It is also really effective in preventing debris and loose materials from falling and injuring a person in the ground. Safety netting can also protect workers, as well as the construction environment, from hazardous weather conditions such as wind, heavy rain, and snow.

Staging Hire

Events and festivals will typically have one part of the environment that is the main focus and this is the staging area. The stage, after all, is where the action will take place and is the pinnacle reason for people turning up. Adequate staging equipment will be required, taking into account the need to maintain health and safety while also providing a centerpiece that is visible to all attendees.

Staging hire will incorporate several types of equipment, including platforms, bridge supports, and skirting. Constructing the stage will require the use of scaffolding systems and safety netting, as discussed previously, and will need to take into account the logistics of running the event such as backstage access, lighting, and audio management.

Stage railings may be required for improving safety and security, while also adding visual personality to the event. Crowd management will also need to be considered which is where steel barricades can be useful.

Rising Platforms

Some events may require rising platforms while others may not. For example, a lot of summer festivals focus on the stage being the sole construction area. In situations such as this, attendees are usually free to roam the viewing area for a place to stand and watch. For other events, rising platforms may be required to provide attendees with a designated area to watch the show.

There will either be the option to sit or stand, but regardless, the platform is designed to ensure those at the back can enjoy a good view just as much as those in the front. Platforms such as this may also have other uses, such as for camera and video recording purposes, or to reduce heavy winds from entering the area. Chair stops can be attached to rising platforms to prevent chairs from slipping between each level.

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