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The Most Popular JavaScript Frameworks of 2022

the most popular javascript frameworks of 2022


The concept of frameworks is familiar to those who have ever played the popular word game Mad Libs. By providing the story structure, you can customize various parts of it rather than writing it from scratch. By repurposing a template, you can quickly create something that fits your needs - or for entertainment purposes, like a Mad Lib.

The JavaScript framework provides the same functionality. Rather than building all of your application's functionality and infrastructure from scratch, you can implement frameworks and build up your web application. Learn more about this concept.

JavaScript framework - what is it?

Essentially, JavaScript frameworks are prewritten pieces of code which provide benefits beyond what plain JavaScript can do on its own.

If you still aren't sure what frameworks are, think of a tent. The tent is constructed from a frame. Thereafter, whatever you want can be added to the tents outside and inside. In contrast to our tent, JavaScript frameworks are not physical structures.

We'll start by answering two common questions before we dig into the most popular JavaScript frameworks.

What is the difference between a JavaScript framework and a JavaScript library?

Collections of JavaScript code designed for specific purposes make up JavaScript libraries.

For instance, Day.js is a JavaScript library that simplifies the usage of dates in JavaScript - a process that is difficult even for experienced developers. jQuery is another popular JavaScript library that simplifies navigation in document object models (DOMs), event handling, and animations among other functions.

The backbone of a web application is a framework that fulfills multiple functions. The site tree is architected by many frameworks such as Angular. Essentially, the application’s entire front end is built using these frameworks. Others, such as Vue.js, permit incremental use, which means your app can make limited use of the framework.

Your application will likely use libraries to address specialized use cases not covered by your framework. Think about those annoying dates again with Day.js. This library does not need to be used for views without dates.

If, however, your application is built on top of Angular, then the page template will be written in Angular's syntax whenever you leverage its functions. Day.js can, on the other hand, be called where it is needed and not used elsewhere.

JavaScript frameworks: why use them?

Despite frameworks being built on top of JavaScript, you can still accomplish all the features of a framework with JavaScript alone. Nonetheless, rather than duplicating all that effort, why not have someone else do the legwork? You can have enhanced functionality without writing code from scratch by using a JavaScript framework.

DOMs such as those used in React and Vue.js are virtual document objects. Because the virtual DOM only updates the elements that have changed, it is faster when manipulating HTML elements. On the other hand, regular JavaScript will render the entire DOM again no matter how large the changes are. Thus, if a website or application contains lots of interactive features, React and Vue.js will be faster.

Choosing the right framework depends on your project's needs. Take a look at the five most popular frameworks to help you make a decision.

Popular JavaScript Frameworks






  1. Node.js

Node.js was released in 2009 and is an open-source runtime engine that allows JavaScript execution outside of a browser, which sets it apart from the frameworks discussed in the following sections. The number of stars for Node is currently over 83,000 on GitHub.

Scalable network applications can be built with the framework. Node is designed to support this goal; it handles resources efficiently and integrates well with other frameworks and libraries. With asynchronous loading based on the JavaScript engine in Google Chrome, Node provides faster responses. Additionally, some types of servers can be proxyed by the framework to increase testing efficiency.

Last but not least, Node includes the Node Package Manager (NPM), a directory containing over one million JavaScript libraries. Packages such as Express, Jest, and Sequelize cater to SQL-based databases. Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) solutions for NoSQL databases are available through Mongoose. The NPM libraries allow you to structure your entire web application in JavaScript across the full stack, allowing your team to work seamlessly together.

  1. React

React was introduced in 2013, making it the second most popular framework in this list with more than 179,000 stars. React allows you to build interactive user interfaces (UIs) quickly and scalable. The virtual DOM model of React allows content to be updated more quickly than Vue. It also supports incremental updates. Model-View-Controller (MVC) is primarily used to support the View portion of the model.

React supports enterprise applications more easily than Vue. With React, we created components, which are individual modules of code that can be reused. Code is written once and then reused across different parts of an application, which saves developers time. For updates, you need only make one change to the code.

Server-side rendering is possible with React, as opposed to rendering in the browser. JSX is also supported, which streamlines and simplifies the syntax for common tasks compared to normal JavaScript.

  1. Vue.js

The most popular framework on this list is Vue.js, which was released in 2014 and has over 191,000 stars on GitHub. In light of the fact that this is the newest framework among the five, this growth is even more impressive.

The goal of Vue is to be an approachable, versatile, and fast front-end framework for creating single-page applications (SPAs). In comparison to other frameworks requiring full adoption, its incremental use model allows for use in limited amounts. It uses the virtual DOM model to provide fast updates without having to reload the page as part of the View layer of the MVC architecture.

AngularJS combines Angular's template system with React's components, so that developers can write HTML templates using the framework and then package their templates and other code into components for re-use and easy updating. As new data is introduced into the system, Vue automatically updates the view.

For teams familiar with front-end languages, Vue is easy to learn thanks to its support for HTML and JSX.

  1. Angular

The original JavaScript framework for front-end development, Angular is the most popular framework on GitHub with more than 78,000 stars. MVC or Model-View-Whatever (MVW) architecture is supported by the framework, which focuses on building efficient and sophisticated SPAs.

Data binding is a feature of Angular that synchronizes data between a client and database, therefore eliminating the need for developers to define requests and responses for every interaction with the user interface. A JSON-based processor is also included in the framework for dynamic rendering. HTML templates are another key feature of Angular because they can be directly parsed by the browser. Last but not least, Angular allows you to program the web page's content by using if conditions, loops, and local variables inside of templates.

A major benefit of Angular is that the framework builds the page using the browser, thus reducing the load on the server and resulting in faster load times.

As Angular is written in TypeScript, a JavaScript variant, on boarding the framework can take a long time.

  1. Ember.js

More than 22,000 stars have been awarded to embed.js on GitHub since its release in 2011. The company specializes in building highly interactive UIs for websites of every size, from single-page applications to enterprise-level systems.

A key feature of Ember is its HTML and CSS-based development model. By using Handlebars as a templating engine, the framework takes a component-based approach. Using Handlebars provides the advantage of updating templates automatically as data changes. Besides offering an Ember Inspector tool for debugging, it also provides a user-friendly API for adding additional add-ons.

Ember has the advantage of prioritizing out-of-the-box functionality over configuration, meaning it prioritizes convention over configuration. Developers would have to make fewer decisions - reducing errors - but this would require more customization.

Website Frameworks: How to Choose the Right One

There is no one solution that works for every website, as you have seen. If that were true, why do we have so many JavaScript frameworks? Each offers different advantages and serves a different purpose. Therefore, a website's framework depends on a number of factors. Here are some of them.

  1. Existing Toolstack

This factor isn't critical if you are building your site from scratch. The front-end programming language for your website should, at the very least, be JavaScript. In the case of Python, for example, a Python web framework like Django might be a better option.

If you're planning to install a framework on an existing site, there are more factors to take into account. You would need to weigh the time and money required to refactor the existing code against the benefits of the new framework, for example, if your site was built on another framework. Alternatives include implementing a second framework that can be implemented incrementally along with your existing framework.

  1. Complexity

SPAs are supported by some frameworks, while others are built for large web applications. When you understand the scope of your project, you can determine which camp your application belongs to and which framework will best support your needs.

  1. Requirements for performance

The speed of your website is another tradeoff with frameworks. Unlike React and Vue, which focus on the virtual DOM, some are designed to prioritize fast responses and updates. Angular is a more robust framework that offers more built-in features and control.

  1. Competence in technology

Many frameworks, such as Vue and Ember, are designed to be intuitive and simple to learn. Yet others, such as AngularJS, are more complex and feature-rich.

You may want to choose a simpler framework if you are inexperienced with JavaScript. You may be more successful with a complex framework, however, if you have time to learn or are comfortable with programming.

Development Experience with Vue.js

A lightweight framework for building cutting-edge progressive and responsive web apps, Vue.js enables developers to create cutting-edge web applications for all types of industries. Our team of professionals has experience developing dynamic, performing, and agile vue.js applications. Creating a custom and modern web application with the Vuejs Development Framework is the most flexible, fastest-growing, and most progressive JavaScript framework available.

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Find the solution by framing the problem

A website is unique in its own way. As your goals change, so should the technology you use to construct it, as well as the subject matter, features, and functionality. JavaScript frameworks are great for enhancing speed and functionality while not requiring you to learn another language.

Understanding your needs is the first step to better defining your requirements. Knowing the unique attributes of each framework will help you select the most optimal one for optimizing your website's performance and user experience.

Why should you hire our VueJS developers?

What kind of features do you want for your new app or existing application? With our Vue.js frontend developers, you can develop intuitive web experiences.

We have been a key differentiator in many performing applications with our Vue.js development services in India. We employ advanced development skills and methods in our team of Vue.js developers to set us apart. Using our expertise in Vue.js development, we can provide the best features in the development of custom applications, real-time mobile apps, and bespoke UI/UX.

Where Can You Hire VueJS Developers?

Using Orion Infosoluions' Vuejs development services, niche clients can quickly create applications with aesthetic UI/UX, optimized for speed and performance.

Work as a team

Why do Orion Infosoluions' Vue.js developers work there?

By providing customized and multipurpose web development facilities using the Vue.js Framework, Orion Infosoluions is fundamentally changing the look and feel of the applications.

Business Requirements

Explain to us the goals, industry portfolio, and services offered by the web development company. With their knowledge of Vue.js, our tech visionaries make unique suggestions for projects.

We have a brand new team of Vue.js developers!

The right Vue.js developer is identified based on your requirements, and our Vue.js development services are tailored to meet your needs.

Putting the concept into practice

If you are looking to jumpstart the development of legacy enterprise software or a new web app, our team of Vue.js developers can help.

Choosing Vue.js Application Development Has Many Benefits


The download time is shorter as it is a small progressive JavaScript framework.

Defined ecosystem.

Programmers can start using Vue.js without learning more about tools due to the defined ecosystem.

Flexibility is highly valued

Visual Studio.js is highly regarded for its highly stable component-based flow.


Other JS applications can be easily integrated with vue.js.


Using the Virtual DOM, high performance is always guaranteed.

Easy Handling

HTML blocks can be handled easily and effectively with the MVVM architecture.


Visualizing complex user interfaces is fast and easy with Vue.js.

Support of importance

With a huge community of developers, you can get support without any hassles.

Documentation in detail

Development of smaller and larger web applications takes less time with detailed documentation.

With VueJS applications, you can dominate your market

Creating captivating visual experiences is what we do. For developing user interfaces, JavaScript developers across the globe use VueJS, a popular open-source JavaScript framework. Because of its versatile features and architecture, VueJS developers are progressively adopting this lightweight hybrid framework with a flat learning curve.

The key to a strong engaging brand experience is pixel-perfect design implementation that prioritizes the user. By using the Vue JS development company India Orion Infosolutions, you will be able to create responsive, user-friendly, and highly-performing front-end applications that are oriented flawlessly, easily accesible, and fast.

In our single-page applications, we use state-of-the-art tools, supported by libraries that don't load unnecessarily with each page. We are moving away from the era of long, static web pages to one of interactive web experiences and complexity with Orion Infosolutions and VueJS.

Building strong relationships with your customers is the only way to achieve digital success. In the development of VueJS applications, Orion Infosolutions delivers a platform that makes you feel strong and encouraged, ultimately leading you to digital success.

We're good at it. Let us help you create experiences that will inspire your customers to come back, browse and be part of your brand forever by partnering with our VueJS Development Company in India.

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