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Top 2 Washing Machine Brands for Front Loading Washing Machines

top 2 washing machine brands for front loading washing machines

The Crosley Method

Crosley says it sets itself apart in the industry by doing things differently. They claim to uphold a philosophy that looks at the appliance industry as a way of building relationships and ultimately increasing revenue. Its model relies on training the brand's sales people.

Crosley's Warranty

All Crosley washers come with a one year limited manufacturer's warranty for specific components. All products also receive Crosley's 10-Year Limited Extended Warranty at no extra charge.

DAEWOO washing machines

The South Korean Company, Daewoo Electronics has a large selection of washers that can be purchase with a matching dryer. All of its washers are front-loading and come in a variety of colors with different load capacities and special features.

Daewoo Company History

The Daewoo Group was founded in 1967 in South Korea. The company began in the clothing and textile industry and was given a license as a general trading company by the Korean government. As the company grew, it moved into a variety of fields, including ship building and the automotive industry. In 1971, the group established Daewoo Electronics and began marketing home appliances to consumers around the world. Currently, Daewoo Electronics operates in more than 40 countries worldwide and has established Daewoo Electronics America Inc. in the United States.

Daewoo Washing Machine Special Features

Daewoo washers come with a variety of special features:

  • An economic wash system that preserves energy and water

  • A low noise system that senses the amount of laundry to reduce vibrations

  • A child-lock system to prevent children from pressing buttons during operation

  • Nano-silver sterilization that can sterilize the water up to 99.9%

  • Air bubble washing system that generates air bubbles designed to completely dissolve detergent particles

Maintenance of Daewoo Washers

To maintain a clean exterior washer, Daewoo suggests wiping the exterior of the washer with a damp cloth or sponge. Clean the inside by mixing 250ml of chlorine bleach with 500ml of detergent and run the washer through a normal cycle.

If storing the washer during the cold months, Daewoo suggests winterizing washers by turning off the water faucet, disconnecting the inlet hoses, running the machine through a drain and spin setting, and disconnecting the power cord.

Daewoo also suggests unplugging the washer and turning off the power supply to the machine if it is not going to be in use for an extended amount of time. This could prevent accidental flooding.

Daewoo Warranty

Daewoo offers a 12-month manufacturer's warranty for its washing machines.

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