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Date posted 10-Aug-21
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Using Android App to Record Phone Calls Secretly

using android app to record phone calls secretly

Corporate espionage uses illegal methods to collect data. It can involve stealing ideas or important documentation or proof. The purpose of this immoral act is to use this secret information against the organization as a competitive advantage. If you ask who would in the normal state of mind steal from the home company or employer then here is an interesting fact.

  • According to recent statistics, 75% of employees confessed that they have at least once steal from their employer.

Now imagine they are just normal people trying to survive there. If anyone especially plants a person in your organization for stealing purpose how damaging that would be for your organization and its reputation.

Possible Targets Of Corporate Espionage:

They can be anywhere. Don't think that your business or organization is not high profile enough to have such kind of attack from the other companies. It can be anybody so have full information about them and be ready to deal with them at any level is the key here. Some of the possible targets of these spies can be

Your Marketing Ideas:

If you are running a  marketing business then your marketing ideas can be at stake. A spy can be planted just to shares ideas regarding your new brand campaign or mode of marketing etc. It can also involve some of the employees of your marketing team.

Financial Information :

A spy can illegally get and share information about your financial information. The information can be used to blackmail the higher authorities or to offer attractive and better deals to your clients or customers.

Customer Data:

At any organization safety and security of customer data is an important measure to have their trust. Nobody will go to that brand or organization that can not protect client's important data like names etc. Illegal sharing of client information can damage the reputation of the business once and for all.

How To Deal With Them :

Corporate or industrial espionage cases are not that common. It is not because they rarely happen but because they are tried to buried as damaging outcomes are long-lasting. So different organizations try to solve the matters inside and that’s why you and your organization must be also fully equipped to deal with such matters. One of the basic and efficient ways is to use employee monitoring apps to keep an eye on the employees. Today it is a trend to keep your employees under strict eye through the use of spy apps. Monitoring of employees through the company-owned device is completely legal.

TheOneSpy android spy app offers excellent packages that can help employers to manage their employee's work and keep an eye on them. Any suspicious employees or activity can be tracked down easily by the use of a spy app and thus can control possible damage.

There are tons of ways to steal important data and share it illegally with outsiders. Here are some possible methods and how the TheOneSpy spy app can help you deal with them.

Employees who have privileged access or in other words those who are your trustworthy employees who know the company’s secret can be the target. The basic way to approach them is through a phone call or meeting. The TheOneSpy spy app can help you track the target employees at both ends. Android app to record phone calls secretly can be used for all the employee's company-owned devices. That way users can listen to all the incoming or outgoing calls remotely with ease. Secretly listen to all the calls and track any possible spy in the company. TheOneSpy spy app offers services in different ways. i.e

  • You can listen to cellular telecommunication by using the call recording feature and call log feature easily.
  • These days along with custom methods of calling, instant messenger chats apps are also used as well. They may include audio or video call through Whatsapp, Skype, Viber, Line, or any other apps. No need to worry about those calls as use social media monitoring android app to record phone calls secretly in the form of Wstapp spy app, Line spy app, Skype spy app, Viber spy app.

The use of spy apps like TheOneSpy is a must for all kinds of business or corporate levels.

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