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Top 20+ Free Business Listing Sites in India

top 20+  free business listing sites in india

Overview: Free Business Listing Sites In India 2023

Starting a business is easy however promoting and growing is incredibly troublesome. The increasing popularity of internet marketing has created the most basic part to use business listing sites for SEO plans.

Countless free business listing sites in India 2023 can help intensify the visibility of your business.
The free business directory India 2023 provides a platform for businesses to display their products and services. It is the best way to get higher traffic and generate more popularity for your business and websites.

The business listing site is an online entry of a business that shows the following elements:

❖ Business name
❖ Company address and pin code
❖ Company phone number
❖ Landmarks and other important details

Do you know that free business listing sites in India play a very important role in local SEO? Without a local listing, you won’t be able to do local SEO. Business listing sites help the consumer to find your business very easily.

There is a plethora of free local business listing sites in India where corporations can do a free local listing for their businesses.

So that’s why we are sharing with you the most effective and popular business listing sites in India and how you can also boost your website performance.
So Let’s get started.

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What Is a Business Listing Website?

The purpose of business listing websites also known as (business directory) is similar to a phone directory. Business listing websites consist of all the information about the business with their contact details. It is an online business advertising strategy that allows you to present your business in every aspect to the viewers on the web.

Business listing generally takes some of the data from your business like; company name, contact details, address, map listing, etc.

These details will make your business listing verified and help you to reach out to more audiences. Most of the big businesses, new startups, and all other businesses are doing their listing at the beginning step so that this can give them more publicity and exposure in long-term activities.

Business listing website is well divided for all types of businesses. If you are running a local business in India then listing your business in a high DA local business directory India in your locality is best, and if you are running business globally then it would be great if you list your site in the global listing sites for more boosting your engagement.

Here are some elements of the local business listing that means you need to give these data for getting a qualified site listing.

● Business name/title
● Address
● Phone number
● Website URL
● Categories
● Description
● Tagline
● Social profiles
● Images
● Additional media
● Alternate phone numbers
● Fax number
● Certifications
● Brands carried
● Payment forms accepted
● Attributes


Top 10 free business listing sites in India 2023

If you are taking the help of a professional digital marketing agency, then it is their job, but you can also do this work on free business listing sites.

Here for your convenience, we organized the top 10 free business listing sites in India 2023.

Top 10 free business listing sites in India

Sr. No. Free Business Listing Websites Domain Authority (DA) Page Authority (PA)
1 91 72
2 85 71
3 79 71
4 60 59
5 41 51
6 83 57
7 81 55
8 80 60
9 78 57
10 20 31

What Are The Criteria And Guidelines That Qualify A Business For A Local Business Listing?

If you want to get a positive result of the local business listing sites then you have to follow all the criteria and guidelines for it.

The points given below may help you in this.

  1. Registered corporation name and a DBA (doing business as).
  2. Full address of office, store with proper pin code, and street address.
  3. A valid phone number, landline number, or mobile number.
  4. Company website’s URL if any.

Importance Of Business Directories In India


If you run a business then this is a very important topic for you.

They help you a lot to increase leads and traffic in your business. They help you build a professional business profile. They help to grow your customer or customer base substantially. They increase the popularity of your business and improve the search engine optimization (SEO) of your site.

This gives your business a lot of potential customers who are searching for certain services or products, and you should contact them if your business provides that service.

Local SEO Aspect

If we look from the local SEO aspect, people in your area are very eager to grab your service because the basic point is that it is a local business and that provides them with very impressive service.

And the great thing is that Google will index your site in the local search engine results. So if anyone searches for a keyword that is related to your business category they will find your site in the search results.

Let’s take an example if my keyword is “best restaurants near me”

best restaurants near me

It is a local keyword and it will provide you only the best restaurants that give the best quality and services depending on your location. The same thing goes for any service.


Benefits Of Free Business Listing Websites In India

There are many benefits to getting your site listed on top free business listing sites in India. Every business needs a local listing so that people can easily learn about your online service and reach you.

As you know, every day a large number of offline businesses are going online as they can see in the future that the main revenue is in the online platform. Because they know that millions of people are getting online every day and this is a huge opportunity to get their attention towards their business.

The important benefits are:

● Increase Your Online Presence - One of the biggest benefits for online businesses is that business listing websites help them maximize their online presence. Creating a business page for your company on various review sites and multiple social media platforms as well as free business listing sites is important to increase your company's presence.

Getting your business known locally - Free business directories help you target an audience in a particular geographic area. A free business listing in directories sometimes has geographical filters to catch the attention of a possible client.

● Providing information - Information based on time, address, contact information, specialty, location, and rating should be added to free listing sites. This is done so that a potential customer can contact you or purchase your products or services.

Increasing Your Brand Engagement - Top free business promotion sites in India have ratings and customer reviews that help other potential customers to check your brand engagement before buying the products. They also can attract and redirect traffic to your websites, but make sure you manage your listings and engage with your visitors regularly.

How You Can Get Free Business Listing Sites India From Local Business Directories?

This procedure is almost the same for all other free online business directories in India. You just need to find the best directories where you can list your business very easily. And this will applies to all paid and free local business listing sites.
Also, there are so many business listing sites that give free listings to lots of businesses so you should apply and list your business.

We have mentioned some important steps you should keep in mind When you are going to list your business on other free business listing sites.

➔The first step is to choose a paid or free business listing site in India so that you can go to them and apply for the listing. Below is the best way to find those listing sites. I have mentioned all 20+ sites with their DA, PA rank so that you don't need to worry about finding these businesses listing Indian sites.

➔Here you need to collect all the information that is required for the listing. For example, name, address, phone number, and other details.

➔Now you will be given a listing form from which you can verify your site. You just have to fill in all your essential details about your business here.

➔After completing and submitting all the necessary processes. Now is the time for verification. You need to verify yourself to list your site on these websites.

➔The verification process depends on a site-to-site, meaning that some sites will verify you with your phone number and some will send you a physical document in which you will receive a verification code to verify yourself. Most of the time this verification process takes not so much time so after all the verification process you can list your site on those free business listing sites.

Note: These are the commonly used steps that are applicable for global business directories and local business directories in India. But still, some websites have a different process.

List Of Top 20+ free business listing sites in India 2023

These business listing sites will help you get your business listed on the internet so that you can connect with more potential traffic and find your ideal customers. We arranged this list according to DA and PA numbers. These are the currently active sites that are currently the top free business listing sites in India.

Sr. No. Free Business Listing Websites Domain Authority (DA) Page Authority (PA)
1 92 65
2 92 76
3 90 68
4 89 56
5 87 68
6 85 58
7 83 57
8 81 55
9 80 60
10 78 57
11 20 31

Note: MOZ metrics such as DA, PA, and MOZ ranks can vary or fluctuate as time goes by. This may increase the growth of some sites. Because websites are always running and their authority on MOZ is also changing automatically with time. And some of the sites are from the global section, which is highlighted with yellow color.


Free business directory India is very important for any business whether you are in a start-up stage of business or you've been running a business for a while, you need customers.

And to attract more customers you need to boost your social existence. After all, online business is all about your social presence through which you will get traffic and sales.

For your convenience, we created this free business listing sites in India, so that you don't need to go anywhere to find those sites to list your site.

Once you get your site published on these sites, you will get high-quality leads, clients, and other benefits like creating a main revenue source, grabbing customers by advertising.

Declaration:- We constantly update our business listing sites but however, If you find any websites that are not working please inform us and we will update it instantly.

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