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How To Display Customer Reviews From Facebook And Google

how to display customer reviews from facebook and google

We are all aware of how crucial reviews and referrals are to the reputation of any business.

Additionally, 5-star or positive customer reviews are emerging as a new way to win over prospective clients.

The fact that 1 in 3 Facebook and Google users utilize the site to discover reviews and suggestions is really intriguing.

For this reason, you need to understand how to get the most out of Facebook & Google reviews. We are happy to help so let's get started.

What Are Facebook And Google Reviews?

Facebook Recommendations

Businesses can view the new review design on their Facebook Page thanks to this newly launched function. The key modification to the system is the inclusion of the Recommendations option under the reviews. All previous client or Facebook user recommendations will also be featured in this Reviews/Recommendations area.

This means that recommendations include not just the feedback left by clients on a company's Facebook page but also the comments clients leave for friends who ask for recommendations on social media.

Google Reviews

A tool called Google customer reviews enables companies to compile customer reviews for their websites. You need a Google Merchant account to take part in Google Customer Reviews.

Google helps you gather consumer reviews by doing much of the labour-intensive work. To do that, Google emails your customers and requests input on their interactions with your business. Customers who decide to participate are then given a brief survey form.

You can show the testimonials and rankings that customers submit in the surveys on your website and other marketing channels.

Tools To Utilize Google And Facebook Reviews For Business

We understand that multiple tools are available, and to help you save time, we have included the best one in this set.


Due to its features and functionality, Taggbox is the best customer reviews platform. Customers can efficiently and quickly acquire, curate, and display customer reviews across numerous marketing touchpoints with the review management platform Taggbox. Furthermore, it has evolved into every marketer's favourite tool due to its assortment of positive traits.

The On-site UGC uploads option allows website users to immediately post reviews on the business website. It might be a written evaluation, a picture, or a video.

On the best review platform like Taggbox, you can customize the reviews and make them more appealing by using themes, layouts, fonts, colors etc.

Before posting any content, users can edit it on the application's content moderation screen to eliminate any unnecessary or irrelevant information.


Hotjar is a user behaviour analytics software solution that helps companies comprehend how users engage with their app or website.

Additionally, it enables you to make heatmaps, user recordings, custom surveys, and polls, as well as send them. Additionally, it examines how users of your app or website interact with it.

This consumer feedback tool interacts with several leading tools, including Shopify and WordPress, and is GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Hotjar is a free plan that has a daily page view cap of just 2,000 and is used by more than 350,000 organisations worldwide.


Businesses can compile reviews, comments, and consumer testimonials using Bazaarvoice.

Customers will appreciate the transparency created by openly displaying customer reviews on your product pages, encouraging them to trust your company more.

Additionally, you may post such reviews on other retail platforms and immediately respond to any comment made inside the portal. By doing this, you may increase social proof, inspire your clients, and cultivate brand loyalty in them.


Usersnap is flexible customer feedback and problem reporting application that makes it easier to collect customer satisfaction scores, contextual input, and images. It offers a variety of customization choices to let you create surveys that match the style and situation of your company. Additionally, sentiment analysis and score-based follow-up inquiries are supported by this tool.

This platform includes assignees, mentions, and internal notes for cooperation and customer response.

This software integration tool for client feedback supports Trello, Slack, Jira, and Zendesk.

Benefits Of Displaying Facebook And Google Reviews

Trust Building

Building trust and credibility for your company through Google reviews are important for influencing customer decisions. The majority of the time, these days, shoppers read online evaluations before making a purchase or using a service.

According to Google reviews, your online presence prioritizes transparency and social evidence. In addition, a set of reviews increases your chances of moving people to the next stage of the sales funnel since many potential buyers find your company on Google first.

SEO Visibility

The ability to rank higher in search results pages is another benefit of Google reviews. Reviews are widely acknowledged to have a significant impact in deciding your website's position, particularly in local search, even if Google won't reveal its methodology.

Positive reviews will encourage visitors to visit your website. Your website will appear near the top of the results page if it has a high click-through rate, positive reviews, and other trust signals. As a result, more vistors will come to your website, which may result in a greater conversion rate depending on your website's content and calls to action.

Boosts Customer-Brand Relationship

Using customer reviews, you can learn more about how your consumers behave in relation to any product or service they enjoy, their preferences, how they are using it, and their popularity.

The consumer relationship with the company is enhanced when customers post reviews of products they have used and react to them, whether good or negative. The resulting customer insights can also assist you in enhancing the performance of your brand as a whole.

Wrapping Up!

Customer reviews & ratings on Google and Facebook have become one of the most important components of online business. However, properly using them is crucial, so we developed this guide. No matter what industry you are associated with, following this advice could significantly advance your business.

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